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Below details a full schedule of terms and conditions outlined by Fred Ormerod Personal Training. In order to work train all participants must agree to and abide by said terms and conditions.



Payment for all services must be made prior to the agreed commencement of services. Bank details will be provided separately.

Alternatively, cash payment can be made, and an invoice will be generated and delivered to the respective email address where requested.


2.Cancellation policy

24 hours notification for cancellation of sessions is required (individual sessions or block bookings). Any sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notification will be charged in full or taken from a block booking. If you have not already paid for the session, the amount will be collected on the next session.



Fred will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible should an appointment need to be rescheduled. If Fred cancels your session with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will receive a 50% reduction on your next session.



Fred is happy to offer a 50% money back guarantee on any remaining block bookings should you not be satisfied with the service provided, but reserves the right to refuse refunds. Refunds are offered strictly on a discretionary basis and will be granted if a medical condition prevents continuation of the program.



Fred will notify you as soon as possible regarding any planned holidays and scheduled breaks.



Sessions will begin at the time set between Fred and client. If you are late for your appointment the session will conclude at the original time. Should you be more than 15 minutes late Fred has the right to end the session and the session will be charged in full or taken from a block booking. Should Fred be more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment the training session will conclude at the original time and a free training session will be offered as compensation.



By attending sessions run by Fred you are consenting to the terms and conditions outlined. You are also required to give consent for participation in all exercises and activities scheduled by Fred. You must specific information about your health that is required before you begin any programme. Fred may use the media (pictures/video/correspondence) collected within the duration of services, however, will not disclose the identity or personal data/ information in line with GDPR regulations 2019.


Fred reserves the right to refuse to provide any or all of the services on any occasion, without incurring liability to you, if in his reasonable opinion:


  1. You are not medically fit to participate in the program

  2. You are not fit and able to participate in a particular session

  3. You have not provided a full and accurate information about your health and medical history. 


Results of participation from training are widely varied and specific to each individual. In order to receive the optimal results possible from the plan discussed and agreed on between you and Fred it is important that you do stay accountable to the plan and do not alter it in any way without obtaining approval.


Fred is not liable for the failure in whole or in part of the programme due to your act or omission.


The programme planned for you is designed to help you achieve your own health and fitness related goals. Results depend on your co-operation with the advice provided and the requirements of the programme before, during and after sessions.


If you would prefer to sign this declaration please make Fred aware as required and a copy will be made available.





I............................................. (block capitals) have read and understood the terms and conditions above relating to my participation in training and/or nutritional programming with Elysium Personal Training 


I can also confirm I have no underlying medical conditions which will affect my ability to participate or performance that I have not already discussed with Elysium Personal Training.





_____________________(Signed) (Date)

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